Q Sanding Technologies

Up to 5 times faster and with perfect results!

Q Sanding Technologies offers you a unique solution for machine sanding of curves or hard to reach places. The Q-Backing Pad has a patented flexible edge and a special rounded design with which every rounding can be sanded with ease. The Q-Sander is a high quality sander.

Combined with the patented Q-Backing pad, many of the curves that previously had to be sanded by hand can now be sanded by machine. This not only gives you a better result, but on average you will also finish the sanding job up to five times faster. The Q-Softpads, available in 5 and 10mm, are handmade in Germany.

The Q-Sander is perfectly applicable in the maritime industry. For curves larger than 35mm in for example bulwarks, portholes, railings, style lines and furniture, the Q-Sander is an absolute added value and you will save a lot of time and also improve the quality of the sanding work. In short; the Q-Sander is the sanding machine for all applications where sanding curves is a challenge.